College Care Package

When we moved into our home 18 years ago, a baby was born next door. Time flies and now she just left for college. We will miss her so much so this week we went to Target and got her some goodies for a care package.  

Here are the things we think are essentials for a good care package:

1) Candy for studying: Haribo Gold-Bears (or gummi bears), Jelly Belly jelly beans, Double Bubble gumballs. I read somewhere that chewing gum helps you concentrate when you study. Also, the best gummi bears are the white ones (duh!)

2) Phone charging cable: you always need a phone charging cable. You can leave one in your car or often times they go missing :).  Our neighbors favorite color is this pretty seafoam green so I think she'll like it.

3) Washi tape: this too is in shades of the seafoam green. She can use it to personalize her things (like the above charging cable.)

4) Book: Happiness is.... This will be good for some smiles.

5) Flair Markers: I love writing with Flair markers and this is a special Tropical Vacation edition. I mean who doesn't need those? 

6) Notecards: in case she wants to drop us a line.

Hope she comes back to visit us soon!


College Care Package Essentials: Haribo Gummi Bears, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Note cards (Target), Scotch Washi Tape, USB Charging Cable for iPhone, Flair Markers, Paper Mate Tropical Vacation Limited Edition, Happiness is Book, Double Bubble bubble gum